Healthy Banana Ice Cream

I’ve been seeing this pop up on Pinterest a lot lately. Basically making ice cream out of just bananas and whatever flavors you feel like adding. Any kind of healthy ice cream substitute I gotta try!

All you really need is ripe bananas and a food processor. So the first thing you need to do is chop the bananas into little 1/2 inch chunks and freeze them overnight. The next day whenever you want to try the ice cream, throw the banana into the processor and blend for about 60 seconds. I used 4 bananas total and I think that was too much for my little food processor. At the end the ice cream was starting to get stuck on the sides and stopped pulsing. You don’t want to over pulse it and melt the ‘ice cream’ either. At the very end of pulsing, add whatever flavors you want to try. I added some scoops of peanut butter and chocolate chips since I had them on hand. They didn’t blend real well but I think I may have had too many ingredients in at one time. We also didn’t eat all of the ice cream it made lol which usually doesn’t happen. This is best eaten fresh and can get gooey if you don’t eat it right away. I would recommend only making what you will eat right away because I don’t think it will freeze right and stay like ice cream. Maybe one banana a person?



Either way, it did taste pretty good and had good ice cream like consistency. Definitely worth trying if you are craving ice cream and trying to cut out sugar and dairy or basically be healthier.


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