Healthy Vegan Collard Wraps


So after my overly indulgent super bowl eating, I’ve been feeling a little run down. I definitely need to get back to healthy plant based meals. I don’t really care about what the scale says or anything like that. I just want to feel more energetic, less brain fog, and that’s why I eat healthy. I came across this recipe from Talya Lutzker, a vegan chef, ayervedic practitioner and yoga instructor. I actually found her on a fitness website, grokker. Basically, it offers free yoga, fitness, and cooking videos handpicked by Grokker themselves. Not just anyone can submit their videos on there. Only experts in their area are on Grokker. Although, I think you have to sign up for a free account to see the videos. But it’s free and awesome so why not? So anyways, I found this cooking video for Healthy Vegan Collard Wraps and they just looked so beautiful I had to try them. Seriously, these turned out very good. My husband loved them which is good because I have a lot of ingredients to get through before I can go grocery shopping again. These wraps are very flavorful and filling and you just feel so good eating them. I also made a basic peanut dipping sauce to go with. Seriously, try them! Also, here’s a link to if you want to check her out more.


Here’s a few pictures of the ingredients I used. I forgot to take pictures of the whole process oops, but next time I make these I will update this post with the full picture step by step directions :). From left to right, steamed sweet potatoes, jicama, green bell pepper, shredded red beets and carrots, chopped ginger, chopped turmeric, sliced avocado, roasted sunflower seeds. Not shown is broccoli micro greens and very lightly steamed collard greens as the wraps. And the bottom picture is of the finished rolls and peanut sauce(I made up).


Go ahead! Try them I know you’ll love them as much as me!


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